Getting Off to a Good Start



We partner with schools throughout the Greater Derry and Salem areas to provide students with easy, affordable dental care. By getting an early start with dental treatment and education, we can help prevent problems from surfacing later on in life. Also, by teaching children healthy habits at an early age, we get them off to a good start for a lifetime of great oral health.

Our team of experienced dental hygienists make it easy to receive treatment by providing services to kids right in their local school. Our staff brings portable dental chairs, lights and equipment including an autoclave to sterilize our instruments. Children's Dental Network follows the Six Aims for Healthcare from the Institute for Medicine: providing services that are safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient and equitable.

Dental Screenings

A dental screening is a brief visual assessment of a student’s oral health. All students preschool to second or third grade are encouraged to participate in this simple and free activity that highlights the importance of oral health. Screenings are offered once a year and participating students require parental permission.

Screenings are performed by volunteer dentists or our own specially trained hygienists. After their screening, each student is provided with written results indicating our findings and recommendations to take home to Mom and Dad.

Depending on the school, permission forms for screenings are sent home with all students through grade two or three. Alternatively, you can contact your school nurse for more information.

Dental Treatments

Dental treatment is available at school for students, preschool through grade eight, who are unable to see a dentist for routine care. The reasons why a parent might choose to have their student participate with in-school services can vary. Some students do not have dental insurance and their parents can’t afford to pay for preventive services. For these kids we provide free or reduced-cost treatments.

Another barrier may be some other family hardship that makes it difficult for them to get to a dental office as often as a parent might wish. Children’s Dental Network offers free or affordable services to maintain good oral health.

Written results and a toothbrush are sent home with students after treatment along with information about what services were provided and recommendations for parents. Read or download our Privacy Notice.

Complete and return this form for student treatment at one of the following Derry-area schools:

  •  Derry: Barka, Derry Village, East Derry Memorial, Grinnell, South Range, Hood,
    West Running Brook
  •  Londonderry: South Londonderry, North Londonderry, Matthew Thornton,
    Moose Hill, Londonderry Middle School
  •  Chester: Chester Academy
  •  Hampstead: Hampstead Central, Hampstead Middle School
  •  Sandown: Sandown North, Sandown Central-Timberlane Learning Center
  •  Windham: Golden Brook, Windham Center, Windham Middle School

Complete and return this form for student treatment at one of the following Salem schools:

  •  Barron, Fisk, Lancaster, North Salem, Soule, Woodbury