See You Soon!



The Children's Dental Network has planned the following visits for the
                                          2017 - 2018 school year:

South Londonderry School
Starting September 11th

Derry Village School
Starting September 14th

Grinnell School
Starting September 20th

Sandown North School
Starting September 28th

Sandown Central School
Starting October 2nd

Barka School
Starting October 4th

Head Start
October 12th

Chester Academy
Starting October 16th

North Londonderry School
Starting October 18th

Matthew Thornton School
Starting October 23rd

Windham Center School
October 26th

Golden Brook School
October 27th

Windham Middle School
October 27th

South Range School
Starting October 30th

East Derry School
Starting November 1st

Moose Hill Kindergarten
Starting November 6th

Hampstead Central School
Starting November 13th

Hampstead Middle School
Starting November 16th

Londonderry Middle School
Starting November 27th

Sandown North Education
November 27th and 29th

Sandown Central Education
November 28th and 29th

Hood Middle School/DEEP Program
Starting November 30th

West Running Brook Middle School
Starting December 11th

Goldenbrook Education
December 7th and 14th

Salem Education and Treatment
January 2018